Two sisters doing what they love! 

In 2020 my sister and I lost our jobs as preschool teachers at our church due to COVID so we decided it was time to try something that we have been wanting to do for a really long time, and start a business together! We have MANY business ideas but this is the one that seemed to fit best with the phase of life we are currently in, each of us with a young child. Since we both have so many demands on our time and energy we wanted to be able to work from home so that we could manage our time wisely and spend as much of  it with our family as possible. We have both spent considerable time growing up doing many different kinds of crafting from sewing, beading, wood burning, painting, needle work, knitting, etc... Needless to say we really enjoy crafting, being creative and learning how to make useful and beautiful things, so we started Bluebonnet Designs to fill all of those needs. 

My sister and I get to work together EVERY DAY, our kids get to spend A LOT of time with their grandparents and cousins, we get to be creative EVERY DAY, and learn new ways to create our art and inspire others.

We are so happy that we found a way to serve not only our selves and our families but you as well.

We really hope that you find something here that you love and brings you joy and laughter whenever you use it. 

New Designs


Canvas Tote Bags,


Makeup Bags.

Ponytail &

Regular Hats



Women's &

Kid's Shirts


Perfectly Imperfect 



Wood & Leather

Earrings & Keychains




Mugs & Shirts.


Printed Canvases,

One Of A Kind Art,

And More.


Funny &

Cute Mugs


Bags, Candles,


Mugs & Shirts.

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